Gabrielle Schachter
  • Title: Summer Student
  • Office: Toronto
  • Status: At University
  • Law School: University of Toronto


Gabrielle is a student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. She previously graduated from Queen’s University with an Honours BA in Political Studies and English Literature. At law school, Gabrielle has focused on advocacy, pro bono work, and women’s initiatives. Gabrielle represented the University of Toronto Faculty of Law at the 2017 Warren K. Winkler Moot. She has also worked as a volunteer for the Nunavut Human Rights Tribunal, and participated in the University of Toronto’s PBSC Class Actions Project. In her second year, she was co-chair of the University of Toronto Women and the Law.

Prior to law school, both her studies and extra-curricular commitments involved a focus on politics, government, and women’s initiatives.

In her spare time Gabrielle enjoys yoga, dabbling in travel, and spending time with friends and family.