Ellen Chen
  • Title: Student
  • Office: Montréal
  • Status: N/A
  • Law School: McGill University
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Before her legal education, Ellen studied finance and economics and holds a Bachelor's of Commerce from the University of Toronto. She has worked for a range of large financial institutions including BNP Paribas and the Bank of Export Development Canada. Notably, she was a risk management analyst at Wells Fargo covering the Canada portfolio. Throughout her experiences, she has worked on multi-million dollar cross-border transactions with a particular emphasis on risk control.

Ellen enjoys contributing to governance and student participation in her extra-curricular. She has been on many university governing councils, boards, and committees. Currently, she is a member of the university's student disciplinary committee and board of directors of the student government.

Pendant ses études à McGill, Ellen obtiendra une formation en droit civil et common law. Elle parle français, anglais et mandarin.