Retail Fixed Fee Solution

Retail Fixed Fee Solution

Retail Fixed Fee Solution

Retailers are operating in one of the most competitive environments to date. Two recurring concerns of our retail clients are the need to secure experienced, industry focused advice on day-to-day legal issues in an efficient, creative way, without significant impact on cost or internal headcount, and to do so in a way that will not result in unpredictable fees.

This solution offers our retail clients an integrated, customized approach to a tailored scope of legal services offered by external counsel, with a focus on driving innovation across our clients’ businesses and creating efficiencies.

How it Works
  • We work with you to assess your areas of greatest need for tactical day-to-day support, and develop a tailored ‘menu of services’ that are offered on a fixed fee retainer basis.
  • The fixed fee retainer is supported by a detailed staffing and support plan.
  • Regular attendance at management meetings and ongoing strategic consultation and advice.
  • We can also model this solution to provide advice on a discrete project or initiative (such as a business expansion or rollout of a new business line), delivered with cost certainty and resourcing clarity.

How Clients Benefit
  • A “One-Stop Shop” with budget predictability: You draw on our national, integrated Retail and Consumer Products team that has deep industry expertise to provide you with customized services, with a transparent staffing arrangement and monthly fixed fee.
  • Extend and maximize your team: We view ourselves as trusted partners who extend the capabilities of your in-house team, without sacrificing industry and business knowledge.
  • Innovative approach to staffing: We use a scalable approach to staffing, utilizing specialized partners, associates and paralegals. This, coupled with our strong relationships with innovative legal process outsourcers, ensures cost predictability and the right resources for the menu items selected, with no “over-lawyering.”

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