Product Liability Playbook

Product Liability Playbook

Product Liability Playbook

How ready is your company for a potential product liability crisis? The best crisis response plans are those developed and stress-tested well in advance of the real thing. We can help by creating a Product Liability Playbook for your business to supplement your risk management and business continuity platform.

How it Works
  • We assess your current product liability crisis plan, looking for compliance gaps and legal, financial or reputational risks.
  • We develop a Product Liability Playbook, which sets out scenarios, plans of action and responsibilities matrices customized to your business or product line for situations in which a recall has been identified or a product induces damages.
  • We can supplement this offering with our Product Compliance Risk Management solution.

How Clients Benefit
  • Practical, actionable approaches: The hallmark of our approach is balance between legal risks and business realities. We know a strategy that isn’t supported by leadership or can’t be successfully implemented is of limited value.
  • Effective risk management: Getting in front of compliance concerns or potential product risks, before there’s an issue, can save money and reputations in the long run.
  • We’ve been there before: Even if it’s your first product liability crisis, you can draw on top litigators who have been “in the moment” with lessons learned on risk mitigation strategies.

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