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9th Annual Disclosure & Governance Seminar


November 22, 2011


Joseph Garcia
Peter C. Goode
Vanessa Grant
Philippe Leclerc
Clemens Mayr
Philip C. Moore
Lara Nathans
Sonia J. Struthers

This seminar is designed to assist public companies in preparing their 2011 disclosure documents, preparing for their annual meetings, and learning about the latest governance issues.

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Video Presentation/MP3 Materials/Speakers


Download (MP3, 3.54 MB)

Introduction – The Year in Retrospect 2011 Governance & Disclosure Stories (PDF, 536 KB)

Sonia Struthers

1. Part 1

Download (MP3, 12.3 MB)

Top 10 Issues (PDF, 5.47 MB)

Lara Nathans
Peter Goode
Georges Soaré, Hugessen Consulting

2. Part 2

Download (MP3, 21.3 MB)

Panel: Venture Issuers 51-103 (PDF, 9.25 MB)

Philippe Leclerc
Joe Garcia

3. Part 3

Download (MP3, 23.3 MB)

Shareholder Communication

Vanessa Grant
John Lute, Lute and Company

4. Part 4

Download (MP3, 18.8 MB)

Panel: Contested Meetings (PDF, 4.14 MB)

Phil Moore
Clemens Mayr
Helen Stratigeas, Equity Trust