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Environmental issues in the context of transactions, reorganizations and closures: legal and communication aspects


February 14, 2011


Isabelle Blouin
Mira Gauvin
Cindy Vaillancourt
Louis-Philippe Gariépy

Presented by the McCarthy Tétrault Advance™ program, this training session was held on Monday February 14, 2011 in Montréal.

Recognition of environmental issues has become a necessity for avoiding unpleasant surprises in files having to do with acquisitions, reorganizations and closures.

In this conference, our speakers discussed the following topics: developing a strategic approach toward governmental authorities; preparing messages and entering into negotiations; the importance of properly anticipating all the steps and potential reactions to the announcement; transfer of environmental authorizations and permits; various statutory obligations in the event of partial, temporary or permanent closure; land protection and rehabilitation regulations; offer to purchase: representations and warranties; and environmental due diligence.

Conference Materials (available in French only):

Acquisitions et ventes immobilières : vérification diligente et négociation des enjeux environnementaux (PDF)