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The food and beverage sector is encountering new challenges as companies strive to meet consumer needs while maximizing growth opportunities in an increasingly competitive market. Rising cost pressures, evolving consumer tastes, food safety concerns and regulatory reforms are presenting complex legal questions and solutions. Additionally, new technologies such as radio frequency identification and nanotechnology are accelerating the rate of change in production, logistics and quality processes across the sector.

For over 20 years, McCarthy Tétrault has acted as trusted advisors to lead players in the food and beverage industry, from agricultural growers to food and drink producers, distributors and food retailers. We work closely with our clients to help them understand and manage the full range of legal issues encountered in their day-to-day business from production and processing through to product packaging and marketing.

Our expertise also includes advising lenders and investors that are active in the sector, including private equity, pension funds and venture capital firms.

We are able to assist with:

    ¬ Regulatory compliance;
    ¬ Product packaging, marketing and labelling;
    ¬ Patents, trademarks and IP disputes;
    ¬ Commercial contracts;
    ¬ Private and public equity and debt financings;
    ¬ Mergers, acquisitions and dispositions;
    ¬ Competition and trade/customs law;
    ¬ Labour and employment;
    ¬ Litigation and risk management;
    ¬ Environmental law; and
    ¬ Tax matters.

Working in tandem with our industry experts in agribusiness and consumer products and retail, we often combine our know-how to provide clients with the legal guidance they need to meet their business objectives, whether that be to grow their revenue in new markets, build their brands, mitigate risk or control costs to maximize profitability.

With long-standing relationships with policymakers in Canada, we also have experience in identifying promising foreign markets and developing entry strategies that overcome market obstacles. We work closely with international institutions, including the World Trade Organization, to address unfair or illegal trade barriers, build international business coalitions and promote business-friendly trade practices.

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