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Food, Beverage and Agribusiness

Food and beverage manufacturers and distributors are encountering new challenges as they strive to meet consumer needs while maximizing growth opportunities in an increasingly competitive market. At the same time, transformations are taking place in agribusiness like never seen before. As global population and income rises, agriculture has become a key focus in a world that needs more food and energy. The industry is facing challenges driven by growing food price volatility, the rising importance of environmental sustainability, rapid technological innovation, new demands for biofuels and exploding emerging market demand for higher-value food. Canadian producers are operating in a changing landscape of increased international competition, evolving consumer needs, growing global supply and production challenges and complex legal requirements.

Our comprehensive understanding of the role of the food chain – and its impact on food availability, accessibility and security – is unsurpassed. Our clients include all the participants in the chain, such as multinational growers and producers; food processors and distributors; alcohol manufacturers and distributors; manufacturers of agricultural and food processing industrial equipment; fertilizer and agro-chemical producers; and lenders and investors, including private equity and venture capital firms.

Working within our Retail and Consumer Markets Group, we take a multi-disciplinary approach in helping clients with the full range of legal issues they encounter as they tackle some of the challenges facing the Food, Beverage & Agribusiness industry. We work closely with our clients to address the full range of legal issues encountered in their day-to-day business from production and processing through to product packaging and marketing. Our expertise also includes advising lenders and investors active in the sector, including private equity, pension funds and venture capital firms.

We assist with:

    ¬ Regulatory compliance;
    ¬ Branding, product packaging, marketing and labelling
    ¬ Patents, trademarks and IP disputes;
    ¬ International trade, supply chain and commercial contracts
    ¬ Private and public equity and debt financings;
    ¬ New ventures and growth stage ag tech companies
    ¬ Mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and partnerships
    ¬ Competition, advertising and pricing
    ¬ Labour and employment;
    ¬ Litigation and risk management;
    ¬ Product compliance, recalls and food safety and traceability issue
    ¬ Environmental law

We have experience identifying promising foreign markets and developing entry strategies that overcome market obstacles. We have long-standing relationships with policymakers in Canada and also work closely with international institutions, including the World Trade Organization, to address unfair or illegal trade barriers, build international business coalitions and promote business-friendly trade practices.

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