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No matter what the economic conditions are, real estate developers need fast, practical advice to structure, develop and sell projects successfully.

Developers of large residential, commercial, mixed-use, fractional, condominium hotel, planned community and resort properties choose McCarthy Tétrault's Real Property & Planning Group for our:

  • Track record and experience — We are veterans of the real estate sector. For example, we have been heavily involved in condominium-style development since the first big wave in the 1980s. Across Canada, we have represented participants in many notable infrastructure and large commercial projects.
  • Team expertise — We have one of Canada's largest and best-known real estate practices. In addition, our colleagues in tax, environmental, municipal, litigation, Aboriginal, insolvency, labour and employment, financial services and securities are always available to provide advice on any related legal issue.
  • Service — We understand the issues, opportunities and pressures associated with the property development business. Clients value us for being responsive and available.
  • Creativity — We know the options and have the imagination to customize innovative solutions.

We advise developers on the entire spectrum of issues that arise in development projects, including:

  • structuring the appropriate ownership vehicle;
  • obtaining municipal approvals and permits, and implementing development structures, including complex conventional and air space subdivisions;
  • negotiating and drafting construction contracts and related matters;
  • construction financing;
  • advising on all condominium development matters, including common and shared facilities, exclusive use areas, mixed-use issues, cost-sharing and phasing; and
  • preparing disclosure statements for pre-sales, ensuring compliance with securities and marketing regulations, conveying the individual units, and advising on and pursuing formal legal proceedings as necessary to deal with purchasers who fail to complete their purchase.

McCarthy Tétrault is a pioneer in many legal areas relating to real estate development:

  • we were among the first to tackle the issues associated with air space subdivisions;
  • we regularly assist developers with marketing and selling foreign real estate in Canada and across provincial boundaries; we have also led the way in obtaining necessary exemptions from applicable regulators;
  • we are among a handful of Canadian law firms with significant expertise in timeshares and have developed structures for fractional ownership and residence clubs that have become the industry standard;
  • we have been at the forefront of policy development in the area of the sale of rental pool units;
  • we “wrote the book” on condominiums: McCarthy Tétrault's Annotated British Columbia Strata Property Act is the desk book for developers, property managers and strata corporations in B.C.; and
  • governments and industry groups often consult us on proposed legislation and critical developments in real estate law.

McCarthy Tétrault is a recognized leader in the real estate industry and the right choice for property developers.

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