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Ontario’s New Greenhouse Gas Reporting Regulation


December 4, 2009


Douglas Hamilton
Joanna Rosengarten
Doug Thomson

A new greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting regulation, O. Reg. 452/09, has been made under the Ontario Environmental Protection Act. The regulation is intended to support the implementation of a cap and trade program in Ontario that can link to other North American trading systems. The regulation outlines who is required to report, what must be included in GHG reports, and when reports are to be made:

  • All facilities that are emitting 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent or more per year will be required to report.
  • The regulation allows some flexibility in quantifying emissions for 2010, however, starting in 2011, standard quantification methods will be required and will need to be verified through a third-party verification system.
  • The regulation will come into force on January 1, 2010, and will require the reporting of GHG emissions starting in 2011. The first emission reports will be required on June 1, 2011; the first third-party verification reports will be required on September 1, 2012.

The Ministry of the Environment also released a technical Guideline for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting, which details best alternative quantification methods as well as standard quantification methods.

The regulation is available at:

The technical guide to the regulation is available at:

For further information about the impact of Regulation 452/09, please contact one of the authors.