Dialogue Project Management®

More Predictability and Control of Costs

We believe that no one knows what matters most to our clients better than our clients themselves. Some of our clients have told us they are looking for more predictability and control of costs. We've responded by mobilizing our people and our resources to enhance our project management capabilities.

Enhancing Our Project Management Capabilities

Our lawyers have always put the emphasis on establishing strong communications with our clients and understanding their needs. This is part of our culture. In an economy where budgets are constrained and costs scrutinized, it became evident that we also needed to systemize our approach to project management.

The basic premise behind our approach is that to give our clients what they’re asking for, we must manage their mandates as projects. That is, legal mandates must be performed and delivered while managing the constraints of cost, time and scope — without compromising quality. Working together as a team with our clients, we identify and plan for these competing constraints.

Investing in Project Management

Our Dialogue Project Management® system is based on the general principles of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is supported by proprietary tools and techniques developed for use by our lawyers. These include customized workplan templates to help in developing detailed plans for mandates, a firm-wide database of professionals to help ensure we bring the best resources in the firm to each matter, estimating tools and best practices to help in developing realistic budgets, and techniques and processes to help identify and account for project risks.

Our senior partners are working with a certified PMI project management professional to develop training and tools for lawyers in all of our offices. We are also working with our clients to refine our project management approach.

The program for our lawyers includes in-depth demonstrations of our Dialogue Project Management® tools and detailed training using customized project management templates relevant to each lawyer's specific expertise. One-on-one sessions with a project management support team are available to lawyers to assist them in the development of project plans for clients.

We have built and are continuously improving our firm’s processes and tools to deliver better results and a better experience for our clients and our people. Enhancing our project management capabilities is another demonstration of our commitment to responding to our clients' needs.

Project Management for Lawyers

Project Management for Lawyers is a comprehensive guide to delivering superior value to clients through effective planning, pricing and management of legal services. It is Canada’s first book about legal project management and the first such book to be written from inside a law firm.
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